Peter Tischhauser SASC, Director of Photography

Peter has developed his skills in an environment requiring a spirit of adventure and an ability to tackle any cinematic challenge. He has lensed some of the top commercials in the world. The technical expertise and flair for capturing telling action is the background from which he has developed an original innovative commercial style that has resulted in requests for his talents from around the globe.

Peter is happy to push technology to the limit and challenge conventional wisdom. He shoots on all platforms including aerial cinematography. Peter has extensive experience in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, the variety in this experience is evident on his showreel. Some of Peter’s work has been featured on “Shots”, “Shoot” and “American Cinematographer “.

Peter has lived in Switzerland, Germany (Cannes Award, Golden Globe, Berlin Bear and a Clio) and the United States. He is currently an IATSE member (local 600).

As well as commercial success, Peter has had recognition for his any documentaries, including three Academy nominations, as well as the official autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Peter photographed “Story of an African Farm” or “Bustin Bonabarte” in the US. His cinematography was widely acclaimed.

Peter currently resides in Switzerland.


commercial and documentarie awards received


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